Ozzy Klarkowski - Departed on Sep 03, 2018 - ,

Ozzy Klarkowski

Died on Sep 03, 2018


I remember the day we brought you home,

I put you down, you decided to roam.

Off you went, running down the street,

To others you ran, so eagerly to greet.

That night we slept on the living room floor,

I gazed at you, so easy to adore.

You learned many tricks, you were so smart,

Oh yes you did, you stole our hearts.

You were Dads "Buddy", and my "Boo Boo",

When we called you, our friends ask "Who?"

The years went by, we grew so close,

Through thick and thin, we survived the most.

Until one day, you became so weak,

To help you now, the answers we did seek.

Our tears began, and continued to flow,

We hoped it wasn't time, to let you go.

There was no cure, we wanted the best,

Our hearts were breaking, as we laid you to rest.

The emptiness we feel, hurts just like a knife,

So thankful we are, you were brought into our life.



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